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Accents Abroad is dedicated to helping your business stay connected internationally by helping your associates learn and retain a foreign language that they can use in the field.  Learning a second language can be difficult and our company is designed to help your associates retain the language so they can actually carry on conversations with your campany's international business partners.  Our world is quickly becoming a global economy so having the right tools to succeed is very important to businesses.  With Accents Abroad you get great customer service and dedicated staff to help your associates with any cultural barriers and language learning disabilities (which occur more often than you think).

Our customers say it best so below you'll find some testimonials:

Bruce Hardwood Flooring –  America’s Flooring Brand  

Bruce Hardwood floors has many options to consider when you want to place or replace your flooring, including many kinds of hardwood flooring both engineered and solid. Understanding where certain types of hardwood flooring can be used should be the first consideration when selecting a hardwood floor from Bruce Hardwood floors. If the floor is being placed at or below the natural soil line (most basements) an engineered floor should be used.  

Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed in ply fashion similar to that of common plywood with an actual hardwood veneer on the surface, commonly called the wear layer. Wear layers can vary from one prefinished manufacturer to the next. One key to look for in choosing an engineered product would be the thickness of the veneer or wear layer. Manufacturers produce thin and thicker wear layers, the latter having the ability to be refinished. Often price can dictate the wear layer thickness. 

Bruce Flooring

Bruce Dundee Plank

Bruce Dundee Strip

Bruce Hardwood Floors

The majority of construction in the United States is plywood over floor joists with basements below. The preferred type of product would be the more traditional solid 3/4" Bruce Hardwood that will outlast our lifetimes, providing it's taken care of properly. Bruce Hardwoods can also provide all the products needed to completely refinish your hardwood floors which can be done many times over. In most cases color changes can be made, but requires very knowledgeable professionals. Remember that wood is a product of nature; therefore, you will see variations from board to board in all categories. No two boards are ever the same.

Bruce Harwood floors are available in engineered and solid hardwood and are available in a variety of finishes. Solid hardwoods come in many species (oak, maple, ash, pecan etc...) Bruce hardwood floors provide warmth and beauty to any room. Adding hardwood floors to your home or condominium will add value, as well as years of easy care and cleaning.

Bruce Frontier Hickory

Bruce Natural Choice

Bruce American Hickory

Bruce Dundee Gunstock

Bruce Harwood flooring can accommodate almost all the design features you want in your new flooring. From the species and style to the finish and edges as well, as the construction type and the installation method. Bruce Hardwoods can be seen by room, style or product and will give you fresh ideas for designing a floor.

For more information on hardwood floors or Kahrs American Naturals Cherry Savannah please visit this resource.

Mohawk Flooring Options for 2010 – New Product Launches

Mohawk flooring is one of the largest companies for flooring products. Going beyond just your traditional hardwood, they offer a variety of products including carpet, area rugs, tile, stone, and hardwood. Whatever your flooring needs are, you’ll find a great product that is available with Mohawk. Their quality is unmatched and you’ll get great value for the products that you purchase. If you’re in the market, take a look at what they have to offer.

Mohawk Laminate Flooring

Mohawk Santa Barbara Cognac Hickory

Mohawk Santa Barbara Light Amber Maple

Everyone loves carpet, and Mohawk flooring offers great carpeting options. Whether you want a very thin carpet for a high traffic area, or a thick plush carpet for a bedroom, you’ll find all kinds of great options. Their experts will help you match what is best for what room of the house and suggest what to purchase. You can hire a Mohawk flooring specialist to help you install your carpet. If you don’t quite want a carpeted room, but want the comfort and warmth that it adds, they also offer a variety of area rugs. Ranging from door mats to area rugs that will fill up a room; you’ll find a style to match your area and your budget. Find a great area rug with Mohawk, and enjoy your hardwood floors.

Mohawk Tescott Flooring

Mohawk Novell Flooring

Mohawk Flooring

Beyond carpet, they also offer a great selection of tile and stone. If you want tile for your kitchen or your bathroom, you’ll find a variety of styles from true marble tile to laminate tile. Their experts, of course, will help you match exactly what you need. Don’t skimp on quality, Mohawk flooring offers a balance of quality and costs to help you get exactly what you want. And, of course, you’ll always have the superior Mohawk line of hardwood floors. Whether you want true hardwood, an engineered hardwood, or laminate flooring they offer all of these. Some of their hardwood flooring that is engineered or laminate will be able to be installed same day because of their lock technology.

Wicanders Cork Flooring

Triangulo engineered Brazilian Cherry

Triangulo Flooring

Whatever you are looking for, you can find it all in one stop with Mohawk flooring. From quality carpeting such as Berber, to carpeting for an office or business to area rugs you’ll find plush carpet to match you. If that is not your style, they also offer a full line of real and laminate tile and stone for bathrooms, entryways, and kitchens. You’ll also find unmatched hardwood floors from laminate to engineered floors. Whatever you may be looking for, look no further than Mohawk.

For more installation advice on shaw laminate flooring please follow the installation guides provided by each manufacturer.

Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are taking the flooring industry by storm.  They are easier to install, warmer under foot, and easier to replace if a problem arises.  For these simple reason luxury vinyl flooring is quickly becoming the fastest growing part of the flooring industry.  Along with the affore mentioned pros the pricing and look of the products on the market today is just overwhelming.  Here are a few key products we found in this category.

Armstrong Alterna Tile
Armstrong Alterna Reserve Tile
Congoleum Duraceramic Tile
Nafco Permastone Tile

Check out the realistic looks of these vinyl tiles and see why the flooring industry is switching from ceramic and porcelein tile to vinyl flooring tile.

Installing Carpet 101

                There are several detailed steps in removing and installing carpet. Begin by removing your old carpet, you will then begin to lay the padding, carpet, and finally attach the carpet. By following all the instructions, you will minimize the amount of waste materials.

Beaulieu Carpet
Carpet Pad
Carpet Tiles

                When installing carpet you will naturally begin first by removing the old carpet. To begin this process you will need to remove the moldings around the floors, and most likely you will have to remove the door to make the process easier. After removing all moldings and the door you will need to cut the carpet into strips to make the removal process easier.   Once the carpet is cut into strips you will roll the carpet to remove it. The padding will have to be removed if it excessively worn, but more than likely it will need to be replaced. Make sure the subfloor is completely dry before beginning the next step.

Discount Carpet
Mohawk Carpet
Shaw Carpet

                The next step will be to lay the underpad. Place the underpad in strips so that it does not overlap. Once the underpad is laid you can begin to staple it at the tactless strips. After making sure it is tightly stapled, cut off all the excess that may remain. You are now ready to begin laying the carpet.

                To begin laying your carpet you will need to cut a piece that overlaps by 4-6 inches on each side. Make sure you leave enough room on each side. You can always go back and cut the overlay but you really can’t add carpet back if you don’t cut enough. Mark the overlay on both sides and use a chalk line. Once this is completed you can use a knife to begin to cut off the overlay.

Carpet Care
Carpet Cleaning
Scotchguard Carpet
Shaw Rugs

                The next would be to attach the carpet. You will begin by using a knee kicker. This tool will allow stretch the carpet over the tactless strips and allow it to stay firmly in place. Next you will use a carpet stretcher to stretch the carpet into the far wall and across the tactless strips to hold it into place. Continue to do this around the room until all the carpet has been laid.

                The final step is to use a stair tool which will tuck the carpet down between the tactless strip and the wall. You will then begin to cut any openings for vents, and finally begin to place the moldings and baseboard. Once this is complete you have successfully installed carpet!